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Director, Freebo
Teacher, David Roth

At The Art Ranch, the focus will be giving close personal attention to the individual, as well as working with small groups and teaching them how to collaborate with one another.


We will work on the craft of


  • connection to oneself and the message expressed through the song
  • construction of the song
  • marriage of the lyrics to the music
  • phrasing
  • transitions/chord changes
  • arrangement
  • instrumental interplay
  • performance recording technique
  • mixing and engineering
  • ensemble communication
  • personal connection to the music
  • connection to the audience

In establishing a close personal and musical relationship with each student, Freebo motivates them to make the most of his or her talents, but always with the focus on having fun. We will foster an atmosphere that nurtures and encourages freedom of expression, both in the individual and in group performances, while helping young musicians to confront their doubts and fears, taking them to a deeper level of musicality, intimacy, and connection.

By the end of the session, each student will have at least one individual and/or group performance piece to share. In addition to performing these songs at the final concert, we will have completed recordings of the work done throughout the session. The creation of a piece of music, recording it, and performing it provides all the essential lessons of the musical process. Each step along the way provides a solid foundation for the musician, learning how to integrate the pieces into a whole that becomes much greater than the sum of the parts. Add to that the overall atmosphere of the Art Ranch, the new perspective gained from this amazing environment, we believe we can provide an unforgettable experience as we raise the musical bar for each of the young artists.

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